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Cruise Holidays Around the World - A Guide to the Greatest Cruise Destinations
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Cruise holidays have become increasing popular over the last couple of decades, and today you can cruise to destinations on all seven continents.

If you want to go to several destinations on your hollidays; a cruise holiday offers many advantages. The most obvious is that you are bringing your accommodation with you when you sail from one place to the next. This saves you the hassle of packing, unpacking and Checking in and out of hotel rooms as well as airports. Also you do not have to familiarize with new surroundings each time you go to a new place, once on board you know where the restaurants are, where you can buy things you need, and the kind of activities and entertainment that are on offer on board the cruise ship.

Another advantage is that many cruises come with packages that plan your onshore activities, or provide you with recommendations of places to visit at your ports of call. Usually you can pre-book an excursion when you book your cruise holiday and up to the night before you are scheduled to dock at a place, depending on availability. Once you are on shore guides will take you through the whole excursion.

Many cruise liners offer all inclusive packages for individuals as well as families. These packages include cost of living, meals, beverages as well as entertainment on board. This means that you do not have to worry too much about your budget once on board, but be aware that things vary from offer to offer, so it is advised to cross-check your package contract in order to avoid any confusions and misunderstandings.

Planning a cruise involves many decisions. First time cruisers should probably work with a travel agent who is experienced in booking cruises. Some of the things you need to decide before booking are: How much you are prepared to spend on the cruise. Where you want to cruise. The type of cruise ship you prefer. The type of cabin you prefer. The kind of things you like to do while cruising. The facilities on board the cruise ship you want to be available. If you like to dress up. What time you want to eat dinner. How you will get to the cruise ship.

When trying to find the best cruise package to suit your needs, it`s important to consider the time of year when you are planning to travel. This can have a big impact on both the price you pay and the experience you have. For instance, you may fancy a summer cruise in the Caribbean but this will coincide with hurricane season. The trip could be blighted by treacherously high winds and heavy rain. Furthermore, as with many holiday destinations, travelling in summer is often more expensive so it could make sense to travel out of season.

If you are looking for bargains, then booking during `wave period` might help. This runs from January to March and is traditionally the time of year when cruise lines offer their best deals to ensure that their liners are booked up for the year ahead. Unlike other types of holiday, where it pays to leave booking until the last minute, the best deals on both price and availability often go to those who book their cruise as far in advance as possible.

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Cruise HolidaysNorth American CruisesSouth American CruisesEuropean CruisesAsian CruisesAfrican CruisesSouth Pacific CruisesAntarctica CruisesWorld CruisesAbout