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North European Cruises

There are basically three types of cruises to Northern Europe: Baltic Sea Cruises; Norwegian Fjord and Artic Circle Cruises; British Isles and Ireland Cruises.


The Baltic Sea Region has become one of the world's most popular and fastest growing cruise destinations. There are now more than 65 different cruise ships in the Baltic Sea from May to September. A Baltic cruise gives you the opportunity to visit up to 10 countries: Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Russia, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland and Germany.

Baltic Sea Cruises offer an unbelievable occasion to tour the magnificent cities of Copenhagen, Oslo, Stockholm, Helsinki, St. Petersburg and many other cities in the region. Many cruise ships will depart from Copenhagen, but also the other mentioned cities are the place of departure for some cruises.

The season for Baltic Sea cruises is from May to September, and although this is summer in the region, it can still feel pretty cold, especially when at sea, so make sure you also bring some warm clothes with you for the cruise.

Norwegian Fjord Cruises
 take you along the West coast of Norway, where deep Fjords knife into steep mountain ranges. Unlike many cruise voyages you will rarely be out of sight of land. The constantly changing backdrop of the cruise is provided by one of the world's most dramatic coastlines, from the temperate climate of Bergen in the south, to the glacier-covered Svalbard Islands, on the edge of the Artic. The most northern point of Norway, The North Cape, is a popular destination, featured in many Norwegian Fjord Cruses itineraries. Some of the cruises may even visit Iceland or Greenland.

Due to the latitude, the best season for a Norwegian Fjord Cruise is during the height of the summer season in June, July and August.

British Isles and Ireland cruises are perhaps the best way to see the major sights and cities of Britain and Ireland. Many itineraries include a visit to five countries: Ireland, England, Scotland, Wales and France, as well as Orkney and Shetland Islands of Scotland's north coast.

Edinburgh and Glasgow are the two main stops in Scotland, while Dublin and Cork are the most popular ports in Ireland, but many cruises also call in at Cobh, the Titanic's last stop before its fateful journey and the embarkation point for millions of Irish people who emigrated to the US in the 19th century. A stop in London features on virtually every single British Isles cruise itinerary. London is truly a globel capital with so many things to see and do.

The coastline of the British Isles is beautiful, and in particular in Scotland with the rolling Scottish Highlands dotted with stunning lakes, magnificent castles and cathedrals. Unlike many other destinations for cruising, the relative compactness of the British Isles means that the time actually spent on-board between stops never exceeds a couple of days, leaving passengers free to explore the culture, monuments, history and entertainments Britain and Ireland have to offer.

The best time of the year for British Isles and Ireland Cruises are April Through September. Most cruises range from 7 to 28 nights in length.


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