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Five of the most popular cruises let tourists explore the tranquil waters of the Caribbean, the icy seas of Scandinavia, or the historic coastlines of Southern Europe.

Stay in one place, enjoying the luxuries of a five star hotel, top class entertainment and exciting activities, while seeing some of the world`s most beautiful islands and miles of perfect beaches.
Travel the world without continually packing and unpacking your suitcase. The appeal of a cruise holiday is clear and hard to ignore.

Island hopping in the Caribbean on cruise ships typically departs from Fort Lauderdale, Florida and will
take visitors to several Caribbean islands, among these Jamaica where you can experience the rich history of the famous island through its plantation mansions surrounded by aromatic tropical gardens. A visit to Jamaica is also a visit to the home of the unique sound of reggae and holidaymakers can listen to the relaxing rhythms while they sip local rum cocktails. After enjoying the slow pace of life on the Caribbean islands some cruises take in the ancient land of Mexico, docking at Cozumel. Investigate the millennia old Mayan culture, or unwind with some salsa dancing and a fruity margarita.

Countless ports from the Mediterranean to Antarctica now offer a birth for enormous luxuriant cruise ships meaning more of the world is now accessible.

An alternative route takes in the Eastern, remoter, side of the Caribbean. Once at sea from Fort Lauderdale guests will visit Nassau in the idyllic Bahamas. Follow in the footsteps of Caribbean pirates at these isolated islands and swim in the clear waters lapping against unspoiled beaches. This trip gives everyone the opportunity to really lose themselves among the tiny islands of St Thomas and St Maarten, while enjoying a variety of watersports and activities on offer at each port.

Mediterranean cruises have become more and more popular. A good starting point is the jaw-dropping city of Barcelona. Cruise through the crystal waters of the Med to Toulon in France, where visitors will have a taste of the Provencal lifestyle and the gourmand heritage. Further up the French coast you can parade on the famous beaches of Nice or visit the colorful flower market. The Mediterranean cruises also give history lovers the chance to see the frescos of renaissance Florence, Italy and the gritty streets of Naples.

Another great starting point for a Mediterranean cruise is to steam out of Rome before cruising into the classical world of Athens. In one trip see the Coliseum and the Parthenon, the two great monuments to classical Europe.

Cruises in Northern Europe follow the path of the ancient Vikings. Popular starting points are Southampton in southern England and Copenhagen in Denmark. Some routes go to the Baltic Sea and takes in St Petersburg, Stockholm and Copenhagen, others follow the western coast of Norway where you will see the magnificent and beautiful fjords and experience the midnight sun.

Cruising is a fantastic way to relax and explore. Whether your interest is Caribbean cruises, Mediterranean cruises, or adventurous tours, there is something on offer for everyone.

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Cruise HolidaysNorth American CruisesSouth American CruisesEuropean CruisesAsian CruisesAfrican CruisesSouth Pacific CruisesAntarctica CruisesWorld CruisesAbout